As I sit, quietly and alone, I see wrinkled lines that fill my face and cover my hands. Oft  I reflect on how so many change as they grow and age or, do they shrink and slowly die. I wonder if our thirst for knowledge diminishes as we age, mine seems to grow,  although many I know just give up and slowly fade into obscurity, if not in body, certainly in mind, not to say they are of simple mind, far from it, but as if they are lost in its complexity and, seemingly no longer know where they may find the key to unlock its wonders, its beauty, its talent, their soul

It seems that in many, numerous things diminish as we age, tolerance, patience , our sex drive , our compassion, our charity towards those less well off or fortunate than we, the ability to see clearly the things that are around us, such as the beauty of just being alive, or to hear what others say.

Equally, somethings become more marked, our ability to anger, our intolerance, the speed at which we offer the barbed and hurtful comment , not aware of another’s distress or pain.

If we are to find peace, contentment, respect and friendship then perhaps we should reflect more closely on our own failings, before condemning so readily those faults that we are quick to see in others, which may in truth be just a mirror of our own selves.

© david holmes march 2011A_Childs_Prayer.html