Time passes, 2015 dies

This year has passed ,

as have some friends,

it’s said ‘they have come home’

some of us have made friends a’new ,

some spend their time alone.

The years will come,

the years will go

time surely does fly by ,

twenty sixteen knocks on the door,

as its predecessor dies.

Old Father time has walked the walk,

it is time for him to pass .

The new year baby has been born,

twenty sixteen’s arrived at last.

I wish you health

I wish you wealth,

I wish you,

a peace filled year.

And for those friends

who’ve passed on by

we shed a silent tear.

So raise a glass

for auld lang syne

be it whiskey,  gin, or beer,

for  all those friends

who are still around

and for those who can,

never more, be here.

© david holmes 31st. December 2015

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