The Promised Land

I saw 6 million walk through the gate,

they shuffled through; they knew their fate,

Gypsies, Poles, Russians, Jews,

the world did not believe the news:

They would not believe what He had done,

murdered them with Gas and gun,

tortured them, hung them too,

The Gypsy and, the wandering Jew.

For 6 long years, to the camps they came,

numbers tattooed, they had no name,

some worked until they died,

the women starved, the children cried.

They took their gold, they took their hair,

why did the world ignore what went on there?

Finally the Allies arrived,

grown, fighting men, just cried;

Could not believe what their eyes observed,

beyond belief, so absurd.

The guards they found, most had fled,

the rest they arrested, or shot them, dead.

They made civilians come and see,

this, Hitler’s brand new Germany.

Bodies piled all around, sickly smell, but no sound,

skeletons walking, waiting to die

twas enough to make,  the angels  cry.

They buried them where they lay,

funeral parties every day

these poor abused Gypsy and Jew.

Tell me;

to stop it,

what did you do?

From the ashes Israel grew

a homeland at last for the Jew.

Step by step this country survived

but they’ll never forget those who died.

Still the slaughter goes on and on,

suicide bomber, terrorists with gun,

killing Israelis in the street, in buses, cafes

or where else they meet.

And the world stands silent again

watching innocents get slain

only America lends a hand,

to these people, in the Promised Land

Killing Arabs, killing Jews,

day by day is hardly news.

But we must do all we can

to help to save our fellow man

be he Arab, be he Jew

his survivals depends on me, and you

So remember all of those who died,

and the few, who survived

The Holocaust, those years before,

those who lived and those who saw

to make sure before we die

that we will try and try and try

to stop again this genocide

in memory of the 6 million, who died.

(©David Holmes 2003)

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