The Legend ( Mr Ray Charles)

Born down in Albany, in the old US of A
by the time he was seven, that boy had begun to play,
the sax and piano, but life it is so cruel,
what it gives, it takes, seems to be the rule.
His parents and his sight gone, before he was full grown,
he started making music, and a life, all on his own.
He just sat by that piano and let the music come,
and you could hear, within his music, 
Ray, was having fun,
Started playing blues and soul and then tried country,
people said, he’d lost the plot, 
Ray said, wait and see.
Some of his greatest hits were heard, just around that time,
and Ray kept making music,
 it  always was, sublime.
As he aged, his stature grew, 
and friends just clustered round,
to hear the music, that became known, as ,
The Ray Charles’ sound.
But age is no respecter of a genius’ worth and, 
late last year, Ray’s body, was returned, 
to Mother Earth, 
but his voice and music’s with us, for us to freely play,
and it just brings a little sunshine,
into our otherwise, grey day.

© david holmes 2006