Still Dancing In The Street

I have listened to your music,
is it really forty years?
It’s brought me fun and laughter,
it’s even brought some tears.

I’ve heard the Impressions ,The Temptations,
The Four Tops and Supremes
they’ve sung of love, of rooms of gloom
and helped us with our dreams.

We’ve danced to Marvin and dear Sam,
both now sadly, gone,
and the great Otis
and his, Fa Fa, Fa Fa song.

Judy Clay and William Bell
the number private, they won’t tell
and we have heard young Stevie,
weave a magic spell.

Edwin sent an SOS, to a love
that’s gone away
and Martha ‘s looked for Jimmy Mac,
nearly every single day.

A band of gold for Freda,
took her to number one,
but in the main I want to say
thanks for all the fun.

Thanks for all the music
you’ve lived your lives to play
Its brought us joy and happiness
In our lives, most every day.

May you go on playing,
so we can get up on our feet
and for the rest of our lives
keep dancing, in the street

(© David Holmes 2002)