Watching your enemies float by

Standing by the river bank

and if I stand here till I die

it's said  I'll see, my enemies,

everyone of them, float by.

Strange how there's so much wisdom

that we oft ignore, especially when its said

by those, from a foreign shore.

We seem to have become detached

from nature and what's real,

never being able to say, just how we really feel.

Importance now's a DVD or a brand new car,

or to join the golf club,

because you think you are a star.

Emotions and our feelings now get in the way,

as we race to our new goals, day by dreary day.

We've lost the sense of what is real,

for mammon's goals and aims

for another 10 grand  a year, and a taste of fame.

Caring for the less well off, our family and friends

is measured by the cost, of presents that we send,

But in this world what really counts

and when you'll feel fulfilled,

is how many lives you've saved

not how many you have killed,

how you have helped others

to get them through their day

making time for your children,

having time to play,

saying please and thank, you with a smile upon your face,

losing, and just backing off,

and doing it, with grace.

So if you stand upon that riverbank until the day you die,

watch out for shouts of thanks, from friends and perhaps, a cheery hi,

stop and try and listen, to what the people say

and try to help others, as they pass along your way.

© david holmes 2004

Inspired by something Nelson Mandela said

that if he stood by the river bank for along enough he would see all of his enemies float by.

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