Silent in the rain

We stand here, heads bowed, in the rain,
whilst children, slowly, say the names,
of those who gave their life, for you and me
so we could stand here and be free.

Their names, chiseled out in Portland Stone,
some died with mates, some died alone
those boys and girls,
who wont be home.
They died in fields, so far away 
in which perhaps now, children play.

Gone, we pray, the guns of war
that they be silent evermore,
but in some far off, foreign land,
brave boys and girls 
still take a stand,
so this world can be free,
yet still they die 
for you, and me.

As we stand in November’s rain,
let us not forget a single name,
let us stand with poppies red, 
with bowed and many grey haired head.
And, as the bugle blows;
the silence, dies,
silent tears may fill our eyes
but we must not forget,
those who died, 
today, last week, 
through history.
they gave their lives, 
no thought of greed
they were there.
in our hour of need.

Selfless, sacrifice 
who could give more
at home, or on a foreign shore.

So as we hear the bugle’s call
let us remember, one and all
those who with us who can not be.
so our country could be free.

We Salute you,
one, and all, 
your sacrifice: 
was for us all.

© david holmes, october 2011I 

 wrote the above poem for the Remembrance Day Service at St Mary’s Church Lydney  which was held on 13/11/11 and ‘read’ it as part of the service. Thank you for all of the kind words I have since received about the poem - David.Still_Here_%21.html