The world it stopped this afternoon,
it took a mighty breath.
It saw an act of terrorism,
the worst it had seen yet.
It smelt the stench of death,
a scent it’s smelt before,
but never in peace, so horrifying,
there on America’s own shore.

We cannot believe the news we heard,
to bad to comprehend,
but despite the sadness and the tears,
life just cannot end.
For those that are left, life must go on,
despite the tears and pain,
for those who have lost a love,
it will never be the same.

The evil men that did this deed,
can not just walk away.
Justice and the truth will win,
on some golden, future day.
But whilst time will heal the pain,
our thoughts go out to you,
even though we don’t agree on all the things you do.
You were there for us, in our hour of need,
when death knocked at our shore,
so our hearts and thoughts go out to you
now death is through your door.

A prayer for you America, 
a nation mourning deep,
may God watch over you this night,
as you come to terms, 
with shock and disbelief.

©David  Holmes September 12th 2001July_7th_2005.html