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BREAKING NEWS 22nd January 2014
I shared some of my memories of my childhood with 
Blind Veterans UK and about the support that St Dunstan’s ( as it was called then) gave to my dad and our family .
read the full story here

I wrote a poem for a bit of fun for a friend of mine and now it is on her web site. She, being Dr Pam Cameron  Phd (that is a proper doctor) So now a scientific breakthrough for Poetry

You may read that poem on Pam’s web site


I am on radio again
BBC Radio 5 Live Stephen Nolan 11/11/2012
Andrew Verity sits in for Stephen Nolan with fierce and feisty topical phone-in debate. ( not sure it was feisty ) 

I was interviewed on the Clair Carter show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire about my new book 

 October 23rd 2012

'For John, Winston and of course Harry'.
Audio CD Version
 I have now completed the label and insert sleeve and am pleased to announce that copies are available. 
You may buy them through this web site or starting 28th October 2012 until 10/11/2012 at Lydney Poppy Shop

Of course if enough of you are minded to buy copies I may even be able to splash out on a printer that prints directly on to cd's. 

Thanks to Josh at Blue Line Audio for the techie stuff

Don’t also forget that both books are also available through the web site , Amazon and at Lydney Poppy Shopi
    ( a snippet of what you can expect on the audio version ) 

Still available as a printed book 

The story of my journey along the Western Front to discover my Grandfathers journey some 90 years before, and includes images both of mine and of then, his story, and some of my poems.

 Had it not been for David, at Leger’s, kind words and request, the book would still have been sitting in the to do file.

The Front Cover of my first book and a taste 

I was lucky. I never had to fight in a War, but my Grandfather did and so did my Father. My Grandfather never came home from the First War and my Dad lost his sight in the 2nd.
I realised, with some sorrow, and a long time after my Dad had ‘come home’ that his Dad, my Grandfather, had been killed in the First World War, and as far as I could tell no one had visited his grave, nor indeed knew that much about what he had endured.
I decided I owed him at least that, to find out, record for posterity and, visit his final resting place, among the blood red poppies in those fields in France.
My Dad was two when his father gave his life and, not unreasonably, he never knew him, like so many others of my Dad’s generation.
The journey that I started with that small step is still ongoing and resulted in me visiting The Western Front on an organised Battlefields tour, which fortunately included, ( officially or not, I am not quite sure,) a lunchtime trip for fuel, which resulted in us ending up in a farmyard in St Leger. I walked, with our tour guide, Clive Harris ( an ex soldier) along a farm track, in the lee of a hill, the iron pickets and the corrugated tin from some 60 years before, still being used by the farmer to good purpose. We talked as we walked about the possibility of there being an aid station or gun emplacement in that hollow. Soon we came on a gate, and on opening it..................

Copies of ‘ For John, Winston and of Course Harry’ are still available through the link on here ( on my shop page) or Amazon
 Thank You again.
isbn is 9781463768171
For John, Winston and of Course Harry
by David Holmes

My 2nd book,

In which  have, in this, attempted to share a few of my thoughts. Thoughts that were motivated by the places and, a few of the people that I have met or have influenced me along my journey.

There are so many more, but how many do you share, how many are worth sharing and at what point do you bore the reader? 

I hope you will enjoy my words and that they give you half as much pleasure as they gave me bringing them to life, some of them may perhaps even inspire you to take your own journey.

Poems, Places People and Pictures
 is available from me now
or you can buy through Amazon
ISBN is  978-1479117857

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