We joined as strangers, years ago
with nerves and trepidation.
We shared our fears. our sweets, and our jubilation.
A strange new world, away from home
childhood friends and things we knew, familiar,
and uniforms we all wore, made us look, 
quite similar.
We learned new things, French and Latin,
stonehenge rugby,
 phew ,
cricket, art and metal work
we had good music too.
There were those, we perhaps did not like,
as childhood days grew shorter, 
some sneaked to the Butt
for a fag and glass of porter.
And now more years have gone,
than I would care to own,
some of our friends from long ago, lost
or sadly have ' come home'.
But still those childhood friendships,
have stood the march of time
and although its closed, Woolverstone
in life, will be a part of mine.

© david holmes march 2011

I was minded to write the above a few days ago ( 27/03/2011) 
when visiting my school OB’s web site. 
Woolverstone Hall School , for those who do not know, was a one off 
and helped many young boys develop into some amazing people. 
It would not be right for me to attempt to single out any of them.
 I am however pleased to say some are my friends., 
others would not know me from Adam.the_mirror_of_life.html