Some random thoughts that may or may not be connected to one another

As I walk the path that is life I find many places at which to tarry a while. In some, I meet people who amuse me, excite me, and, in a very few cases, love me, but it seems my journey requires me to travel alone, this bothers me not. Sometimes, I perhaps see things more clearly than at others, because neither my mind nor my eyes are cluttered with the trivia of day to day encumbrances.

And sometimes, when the dark winter nights are with us, I see more clearly than when the sun is high in the clear blue sky, and at other times I hear more clearly and there are times when my eyes and ears are closed because the screams from the crowd are false screams. But now I hear silence, a silence so deafening that it screams in my ears and eyes like the thunder of an express train flying at speed through the tunnel in which I stand, and yet...........................perhaps there is no silence; no sound and it is just that my ears and eyes are closed to all but the sound of the robin that sings from the fence in my garden, or the music that fills my soul.

And just when the lonely traveller thought that the glimmer at the end of the darkness were a new light , his hopes were dashed as it flickered and was extinguished by the weight of the darkness. A darkness that prevails for it seems as far as eternity.

Oh but we could travel backwards to happier times when we were but children, playing in the fields in the sunshine, and were unaware of the troubles in the world. When the sun always shone, the sky was always blue and we always had good friends and pocketfuls of sweets, string and other useful stuff. We would sail the seven seas or ride the range, finding treasure, the streets were safe and not full of traffic. Our cricket ground the lane and our stumps, 3 chalk marks on a wall. Trains were pulled by magical steam engines glistening green and gold, they were always on time, and drivers gave you a cheery wave ,or toot on the whistle as you stood mesmerised, watching from platform or bridge.

Policemen walked the beat , knew everybody and stopped to chat, or to help an elderly person across the road, or lost soul with directions, or even tell you the time, digital watches a thing for science fiction in our weekly Eagle or Hotspur. Evenings were a time to sit in front of the fire or, if we were lucky, the Television, for an evenings entertainment, starting at 7.00 and finishing sometime after we had climbed the wooden hill to bed, of course no colour then, save in our imagination. On winter Saturdays perhaps potatoes, cooked in their jackets, in the ashes of the coal fire , served with lashings of butter together with a cup of Ovaltine, Bournvita or Horlicks.

But gone are those times, days of wonder and excitement now we are faced with grey days of terrorists bombs, knife crime shootings and murder. Days when everyone is too busy or scared to speak to those they don’t know and even then it is but a brief acknowledgement as they rush to some appointment urged on by mobile phone or blackberry, whose shrill or anarchic sound breaks through, even the cacophony of noise that is today’s world.

What happened to our world, what did we do that disturbed the balance so greatly. took away our sunshine , our fun, our trust our humanity, our friends ?  Was it progress, was it colour television, was it greed, evolution, or did we just forget what was important ?

I have been thinking about the way other people seem to wish to control our thoughts, our actions, our emotions. How many times have you said, that you were thinking of doing something and, because they do not have your vision, their reply is  ‘I shouldn’t do that” 

When asked why, they invariably can’t tell you, but the reason is, that it is outside of their comfort zone, beyond their safe area of action or thought, or, because they didn’t think of it first.

It is not an intentional act on their behalf, but one brought about by years of self doubt as to their own thoughts and deeds. How sad to be constrained in such a way, what a waste of talent, of potential, of emotion, of life.

Look beyond the horizon, listen above the drone of day to day life, open your hearts, your mind your soul to your dreams. Everything is possible if you believe it to be so.