Our Harvest

Our harvest, is a mixture, 
of muddy water, and disease,
we walk; 4 miles, each morning, 
and collect it on our knees,
and yet you collect your water , 
so quickly, from taps; 
with ease.

Our water brings diarrhoea, 
and kills,
 4000 children more
each day.
We hear their painful crying, 
when we should just hear them; 

It will not take a miracle,
to save them from that fate,
just a little money, 
help, and hygiene education,
so wells, and toilets, we can make.

So if you can, please, help us,
to harvest, safe, fresh water, 
every day,
so we can see our children growing

and no more, to be sacrificed, 
to diseased water,
and every day.

( © David Holmes October 2010)