I have often felt incensed about things which appear to be happening in our world, and indeed in our country. The latest unacceptable idea is to condemn hundreds, nay thousands, of dairy cattle to live in huge sheds,  never to see the sun or feel the grass beneath their feet . I believe this is wrong and that we must do what we can to prevent these factory farms gaining a foothold . I support the Not in my cuppa campaign. and the not in my banger

( I hope you will read my poem and feels so moved to support them as well.

No more factory farming

Cows don’t grow in factories, or cooped up in a stall
they grow up in fields 
summer, spring and fall.
They should feel the earth and grass between their hooves 
and the sun upon their backs, 
see the sky is blue, the sun is hot, 
not a roof of grey and black.
They should be fed on grass, and allowed to ruminate, 
not fed grain just so they put on weight.

Cows come home each evening, 
for  milking, and live a long life in the great outdoors,
not cooped up in a shed,
where they live for only eighteen months, 
before they end up dead 
I don’t want my milk from factory cows,
who never see the sun
or never feel the morning dew, nor never have a run.

So if you think that’s how to farm, 
for profit and for greed, 
then we are here to stop you,

let all factory beasts be freed.

 © david holmes 2011