My journey

It would be difficult to say when I started writing , perhaps my first ‘toe in the water’ was listening to music on the radio and, in common with most people, would sing along with the tune, but forgetting, or not knowing the lyrics, would make up words and lines that fitted.

I of course, was subjected to the usual composition writing at school, but never did it with much enthusiasm, although one teacher of English did inspire me, not least, by leaping onto the desk to emphasize a point and he, was quickly followed by another purveyor of the English Word, whose stock in trade was, ‘End with a Bang Not a whimper.’ Something I have strived to do ever since, and not always in relation to the written word.

Events in life are dealt with differently by all of us, and mine, increasingly, is by producing a short story or, more than likely a poem, or series of poems. Inspiration comes from scenes, events a passing conversation or perhaps just from deep within my soul.

One of the most moving and inspirational periods of my recent past was a trip to The Western Front in 2004, as part of a journey that involved researching my grandfather’s war, a journey I have yet to complete.

I found the serenity, the peace, the emotion of those places so tranquil and inspiring, despite the carnage, death and horror that had preceded me some 80 or so years before. But we should not forget the comradeship, the heroics, the humour and the boredom. Who knows perhaps my inspiration came from some of those boys who gave up their life so we could walk  in freedom, I certainly experienced a serenity and peace as I walked amongst the headstones and the fields of death.

I have used my poetry to good effect to raise awareness of a number of injustices in the world, not least that of those who have no safe water or sanitation  and have found them to be effective vehicles in my work as a volunteer for WaterAid

I have also been fortunate in having numerous poems published, both in the UK and USA  and these, with my short stories will perhaps be my legacy.

David Holmes 2010

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