My Brother

For a big man, my brother had exceptionally small toes,
flat feet, huge hands and a very big red nose,
he had a laugh so jolly
and a beard so long and white
and once a year he delivers presents,
around the world, at night.

He rides the whole globe over,
on a sleigh pulled, by six reindeer,
I have got a great big chimney
so he can drop by here,
for a cup of tea whenever,
he is flying, just close by,
as he flashes on his journey
across the still night sky.

He is so very jolly, 
in his coat of red,
and don't believe the doubters,
when they try to tell you, 
that Santa Claus, is dead.

So hang up your stocking, 
on this coming Christmas night
and perhaps he'll drop off just what you want
on his world wide flight.

But most of all this Christmas,
I pray for peace and love
the very best present my brother can deliver, 
from his sleigh, flying. up above.

© David Holmes 2002Giving_back.html