Life’s a pissoir

Do you have clean water
flowing, from the tap
a loo to flush,
when you have a pee, 
or, when you have a crap. 

Do you have a bath or shower,
to luxuriate in, each night.
Do you think clean water, 
on tap, in your home,
is your, unalienable, right.

Well just hold on a moment,
and turn the clock right back,
to when each street was a sewer,
and the village pump,
your tap.

Well many still live like that
in their world, far away,
in a world without clean water,
where, 4000 children die, 
every single day.

Their toilet is the jungle, 
or just the patch of ground, outback.
Their water source, the river, 
well, could you live like that?

No, I hear you mutter, 
as you make another cup of tea
and what the hell is all this, 
to really do with me.

Nothing !
unless you believe like me,
that no one should live that way,
with 4000 children dying,
in their world,
each and every day.

You can help;
you know you should;
so next time you stop for tea,
or when you flush, 
after that,
most satisfying, 
throw some money in a bucket,
and, when its full,
just send it off, to me,

Send it via ‘just giving’ 
the address is down below, 
or direct to WaterAid,
and, before you know,
we’ll save those 4000 children,
they’ll have no need to die,
and they will live,
all because you stopped to help,
and didn’t just, walk by.

© David Holmes July 2008Our_Harvest.html