Imagine - Another New Year

Twenty thirteen came and went

like every other year

and despite all our wishes,

so many live in fear.

Wars still blight our world,

famine hits so hard,

hate still seems to breed

in every one’s back yard.

Why, I wonder what went wrong,

why can’t we all get on ?

Perhaps this coming year

will really be the one

where famine, hate and war,

are finally all gone.

We pray for peace, and happiness,

an end to all that’s bad,

and yet in my heart I know,

most will still be sad.

The world will get no better,

until we all stand hand in hand

and in one voice we all declare,

‘War and Hate are banned.’

I wish you, a Peace filled New Year,

and hope that you, like me,

will stand like brothers

where e’r you are

to make this whole world free.

I tried to write some words,

full of optimism, peace and love,

and hoped that perhaps we would get,

some guidance from above.

But it seems we’re on our own,

to survive the best we can,

perhaps the simple answer is

we must all learn to live in peace,

and love our fellow man.

© David Holmes 2013


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