I have for a number of years tried to put something back, not always with great success, however  about 3 years ago I discovered WaterAid and decided to try to help.

I realised that if you do not have safe water to drink, then I guess you may as well dig a hole, climb in it, and wait for some one else to throw the dirt in on top of you.

Currently there are 850 million people in the developing world, who have not got daily access to clean, safe water, and 2.5 billion without access to proper sanitation.  50 % of the hospital beds in the developing world are filled with people with diarrhoeal diseases.

4000 children die each day from diarrhoea or related diseases, 
that is 1 child every 20 seconds.

It costs just £15.00 to give 1 person safe water , sanitation and hygiene education for life.

I have used my poetry, to some effect, to highlight their plight and, 
I  share a few of those poems with you, but there are more.

If you should feel moved enough to help, then please do by just directly to WaterAid. 

Thank you for caringLifes_a_Pissoir.html