Deliverance Day

(for June 6th 1944)

The golden sand is stained dark red,

with the blood, of our fallen dead,

the wreckage of the game named war,

litters miles of France's shore,

and still the men stream 'cross the beach,

dropping dead, just out of reach,

shells scream howling overhead,

the devil's anthem for the dead.

Sixty years have now gone by,

proud, rheumy eyed old men, cry,

remembering those from that far of war,

who died for freedom, on Frances shore.

(© david holmes 6th June 2004)

I wrote this for the 60th anniversary, and now another 10 years have passed and the number of rheumy eyed heroes get fewer .

‘At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them