Dancing In the Street

Oh that sweet soul music,
from Tamla, that you sing,
the joy and happiness
 with it you always bring

Freda’s band of gold so sad
Otis’s Fa, Fa song
And Jimmy, for whom Martha waits,
Oh so very long.

Edwin asks a question,
we have often asked before;
Well go on God, just tell us;
really what good is war?

The Temptations and Impressions,
Levi and the Tops of Four
and is that Bobby Dylan,
knocking, on Heaven’s door?

Judy Clay and William Bell,
a private number she will give,
Oh so so much music,
has helped us all to live.

Sam and Dave, Mary Wells,
Marvin, what a guy,
Oh that sweet soul music,
made us sad and want to cry.

So thanks for taking all the time,
to make your music, over here
and may you go on singing it,
for many a more year.

Let the heat wave go on and on,
In fact, turn up the heat,
so we can go on and on,
dancing, in the street

(© David Holmes 2002)