Three For Christmas

I wish you peace this Christmas

and for the coming year.

Health, tolerance and prosperity,

and a world that’s free from fear.

Have a Happy Christmas

and may your wishes all come true,

and I hope that dear old Santa,

has, a special gift, for you.

© david holmes December 2013

Let peace and joy surround you

at this Christmastide .

May health and happiness

warm your soul inside.

May you find the happiness

and joy, that you desire,

as you open up your presents

by your crackling, wood fire.

Spare a thought for others,

as I know you will,

for the poor, the homeless and the lonely,

and those that are, so ill.

Enjoy this time of Christmas,

and a silent prayer please say,

for those loved ones, who can not,

be with us, to share, this Christmas day.

© david holmes December 2013

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