Below I have included some of the kind comments I have received regarding For John, Winston and of course Harry

Hello David,

The book ( For John, Winston and of course Harry)  arrived safely this morning - thank you. I've dipped in - the few poems are I've read so far are very moving, and the photo of your oh-so-young grandfather heartbreaking... 

Your book is a fitting memorial to him and all the others.    

Nell, aka Pen

Nell Grey, one of Three Magic Women and creator of The Mystic Rubaiyat,  The Pen Tarot and The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot...

Glennis Clark  ( Author of Riddle me Dead)

I have just finished reading your book - "For John Winston and of course Harry." - An exceptionally moving story interspersed with poems, that actually moved me to tears. A wonderful read! xx

Jenny Hefford

my copy of David's book ( For John Winston and of course Harry) arrived last week...what a fantastic read. So well thought out and put together.
Thank you David for the time you have given to make everyone 
more aware of the war.
Every homeand more so every school should have a copy.

( from Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars
Vivid Poetry, 4 Nov 2011

Mr. Iain Sinclair (UK)  Nov 22, 2011 at 09:51:56

This review is from: For John, Winston, and of Course, Harry (Paperback)
A collection of poems inspired by the poet's journey to learn of his Grandfather who fought in The Great War. Each poem evokes vivid images and emotions in the reader. 
My daughter will be studying The Great War at school this term and this book has inspired us both to learn of the plight of the brave servicemen who fought and fell in the service of our country. 
I fully recommend this book.

    A joy to read, 26 Dec 2011
Pam Cameron "catwoman_" - 

This review is from: For John, Winston, and of Course, Harry (Paperback)
This is a lovely little book, which I thoroughly enjoyed - well done David. The poems are incredibly heartfelt and the photos are also stunning. I recommend this book.

Glennis Clark

Got your book ( Poems Places, People and Pictures) yesterday, I love it.  Another book brimming full of wonderful poems xxx

"This is the second book that I have from this author. Here he has an eclectic collection of poetry in his distinctive style, I particularly enjoyed A Railwayman's lament, which has a wonderful story.

This is a collection interspersed with beautiful photographs...a really inspiring book yet again. "

30th October 2012

Susan Warren 

8th November 2012

The book is lovely with some works that I have heard before, so glad to have them in print and of course some new to me.


Recently I purchased David's book and am glad I did. If he was hoping to take readers on a journey well, he did just that. When reading the poems I felt I was "on a bench with a gentle man," smiling to the passersbys. In my mind I went to visit Bathurst Park, went to the Coleford Music Festival, watched the young musician Ray play his music, sat with the lonely potter, and learned about David's homeland through his words. Thank you for the beautiful words accompanied with the timeless photos of such radiant colour. The book truly holds the pure innocence of the written word.

Dorothy Krusky, from across the pond!

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