As summer becomes autumn 

I sit at home and watch the sun 
rising in the east, 
I wander round the shops 
to buy my frugal feast. 
I sleep at night, in my warm bed, 
sadly, on my own, 
in my house, 
no mortgage now, which thankfully I own 
I am almost quite content 
now I'm getting old, 
and now I get £200 
to stop me getting cold. 
Life aint too bad 
if I 'm true 
in fact not bad at all 
as my summer, slowly, becomes my fall. 

I miss those friends, no longer here 
and think of them sometime, 
and time is what I have of a lot 
so they are often on my mind. 

The fire it blazes in the grate, 
I see their faces in the flame 
and sometimes when its quiet, 
I hear them, speak my name. 
You may say that I am getting old, 
and perhaps losing of my mind 
but I just smile and hold my peace 
your thoughts I do not mind. 
Because, one day, you will be like me 
thankful for what you've got 
and know that when you 'come home' 
you can not take a jot. 
So my advice to you is 
live life whilst you may 
and forget what awaits 
on that far off rainy day. 

© david holmes 2012

The above was inspired today by something a friend said  to me a day or so ago, I hope it works for yReflections.html