I was talking to a friend of mine today, Iain, and he told me of a discussion that some of the young people, with whom he works, had about the horrendous scandal of those who recruit and use Child Soldiers to fight their wars for them.

I was minded to write the following poem , however, I think that there may be a more graphic one lurking somewhere in my soul.Welcome.html

A Child’s Prayer

Children blown up in a field,
where football should be played,
or gunned down in a school,
where young adults should be made.
Yes, they are victims of a crime, 
with gun in hand they died,
and far away, a mother, 
all alone, for her lost son,
she cried.

The crime is one much bigger crime,
of evil men afar,
who steal the children from their homes 
from their Ma and Pa,
Shooting down those who resist,
or rape and mutilate
for the boys whom they want, 
to fight their war,
there just is no escape. 

Boy soldiers, made to fight, or die  
just where ever they may stand,
someone else’s war, 
they’re too young to understand.
A crime beyond all crimes 
in a far off foreign shore,
like Hitler’s youth
in another war, 
so many years before.

Whilst we stand by and, 
with fancy words, 
their actions we condemn, 
and sit around a table gassing,
in luxury, 
at the toothless, mainly castrated, 
in a white and blue bedecked, UN.

Not the boys who fight and die , 
for it is not their war or crime, 
but the evil men who run these wars
in whosever name, 
when will they be made, 
to finally face their crime.
and when will we see,
 freedom, peace and justice 
finally rule supreme?

( © david holmes 2011)No_More_Factory_Farms.html